No Win No Fee


The legal issues farmers and agribusinesses face are often unique to the agriculture sector. In many cases, the laws relevant to the issues facing farmers and agriculturists arise out of the laws and regulations that are applicable to any contract or insurance policy.

As a specialist law firm and have a 99% success rate of settling disputes out of court. Splatt Lawyers are experienced in litigation insurance claims. We have many years of litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) experience. This experience, while valuable at the negotiation table, is even more critical when our farm and agribusiness clients find themselves in a Courtroom or formal dispute proceedings.

At Splatt Lawyers we hand-pick our specialists– forensic accountants, barristers, valuers and the like – to assist us. This ensures that our team of highly qualified experts provides a service to our clients in a professional and cost effective manner. A number of our team members are form the land or have family who still work the land. This gives our team a greater understanding what it takes to farm crops and run stock.

We have specialists in the following areas:

  • Coal Seam Gas or Coal mining activities on your land
  • Land clearing
  • Mining agreements
  • Resumptions
  • Spray drift claims
  • Water licenses
  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Land compensation
  • Negotiating with public utilities such as telecommunications, local council and State Government

No Win No Fee

At Splatt Lawyers we acknowledge that many people become financially distressed and may not be able to afford the up-front costs involved in running a claim.

We work on a No Win No Fee Basis, we will agree to act on a speculative basis after a careful assessment of the facts and circumstances of your case. To act on a speculative basis means that we undertake not to render an account for our professional costs unless and until the matter is successfully concluded in your favour.

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